DNA Test Results

updated 6 Nov 2019
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I took a DNA test August 2017 using the Ancestry kit
This covers the Andrews and not the Pritchett lines.
Recently I did further tests using Family Tree DNA for Y-DNA and mtDNA.
No surprises, it seems to match the research I have to date.

August 21017 results


OK, September 2018 Ancestry refined their calculations.
Thus the revised estimate.
Packing away my Yarmulke and Viking helmet.


Ancestry 2019 estimate.
Some fine tuning.


All GG Grandparents emigrated to Australia from the UK or Ireland in the 1800s.

John Andrews
Verwood, Dorset, England   **Y-DNA Ancestor
Bridget Tracey
Ballinasoe or Galway, Ireland
John Straker
York, England
Mary Ann Boyd
Dublin, Ireland
Thomas Hanrahan
Clare, Ireland
Cecilia Manley
Mayo, Ireland
Patrick O'Hara
Tipperary, Ireland
Margaret Murphy
Queens, Ireland
Joseph Holland
North Rode, Cheshire, England
Bridget Cassidy
Belturbet, Caven, Ireland
Daniel Clarke
Mallow, Cork, Ireland
Margaret Maroney
Clare, Ireland
James Hayhoe
North Elmham, Norfolk, England
Susan Whatley
North Elmham, Norfolk, England
Ross Davidson
Port Glasgow, Scotland
Esther Ross
Edderton, Ross,Scotland   **mtDNA Ancestor

So 9 Irish, 5 English and 2 Scots ancestors by my calculations.

Ancestry provides an Autosomal DNA test.
This covers all family relationships.
Ancestry provide the map above and identifies close matches (if the person so desires)
In my case several closer cousins appeared as did more distant relatives I have contacted in my research.
No "strangers" popped up as close relatives.
My main motive for taking the test was to identify distant relatives who may be able to assist my research.
I have not made much progress in pushing the tree back further into the past.
Still it has been interesting.

Y-DNA and mtDNA
Y-DNA and mtDNA are additional tests to identify your paternal and maternal lines respectively.
i.e. my fathers's father's etc and my mother's mother's etc.
In very general terms it can identify the migration path back many thousands of years.
I used Family Tree DNA for these tests.

Y-DNA Result.

My Haplogroup is R-M269

 My paternal line is..
Me..William Andrews..Albert Andrews..James William Andrews..John Andrews..Thomas Andrews ..???

This is a very common European haplogroup that came out of Africa about 50,00 years ago.
It moved through the Middle East and Central Asia to Europe in the last 10-20 thousand years.
Google the Haplogroup for a wealth if information.

mtDNA Result.

My Haplogroup is H15a1

My maternal line is...
Me..Gloria Holland..Veronica Hayhoe..Margaret Anne Davidson..Esther McKay Ross..Margaret Munro...???

Mitochondrial haplogroup H is a predominantly European haplogroup that originated outside of Europe
 before the last glacial maximum (LGM). It first expanded in the northern Near East
 and southern Caucasus between 33,000 and 26,000 years ago, and later migrations from Iberia
 suggest it reached Europe before the LGM. It has also spread to Siberia and Inner Asia.
 Today, about 40% of all mitochondrial lineages in Europe are classified as haplogroup H.

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