Haskell Family of Dorset

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The Haskell name has a 500 year history in Dorset.
The Haskell Family Society holds reunions in Cranborne and  the society's Co-Patron is the Hon. Lord Cranborne.
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The following is an extract from my genealogy program.
The data came mostly from correspondence with members of the Haskell Society.
 My less than perfect record keeping means I cannot fully acknowledge the work.
Please contact me if needs be.
Register Report - 28 Dec 2006

First Generation

1. Richard Hascoll SNR. Born 1608. Died 1683. Occupation Yeoman Farmer of Cann.

Senior of Muscliffe To Woodlands in 1660

He married Susannah COOK, 1639. Died 1663 in Bovington, Dorset.
They had the following children:

    2    i.    Richard Hascoll JNR
        ii.    Susannah HASKELL;

            She married ?? ROOKS.

    3    iii.    Robert HASKELL
        iv.    James HASKELL; Born in Holdenhurst Hants. Died 1700.

            He married Unknown.

        v.    Matthew HASKELL; Born 1653 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Occupation Yeoman.
        vi.    Dorothy HASKELL;

            She married Vincent ??.

    4    vii.    Thomas HASKELL
        viii.    Alice HASCOLL; Christen 1662 in Woodlands Dorset.

Second Generation

2. Richard Hascoll JNR. Born 1640 in Horton Cann Dorset. Buried 19 Dec 1716 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Occupation Husbandman.

Richard Haskell of Muscliffe, yeoman, chancery case 1686

He married Mary. Died 1715 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Buried 22 Jan 1715 in Horton Woodlands Dorset.
They had the following children:

    5    i.    Richard HASCOLL
        ii.    Susannah HASKELL; Born 1666 in Woodlands Dorset. Christen 12 Mar 1666 in St Wolfrida Horton Dorset.
    6    iii.    Matthew HASKELL
        iv.    Mary HASKELL; Born 1677. Christen in St Wolfrida Horton Dorset.

3. Robert HASKELL. Died 1692 in Holdenhurst Hants. Occupation Yeoman.

Robert Haskell, Holdenhurst, probate 1692 (of Muscliffe)

He married Elizabeth ??.
They had the following children:

    7    i.    Stephen HASKELL
        ii.    Elizabeth HASCOLL; Born 1690 in Muscliffe Dorset.
        iii.    Susan HASKELL; Born 1691/1692 in Holdenhurst Hants.

            Susan Haskell apprentised to William Bulloch, Gt Canford 1710 for 'housewifery'

--Other Fields
Alias: Susannah   Hascoll

            She married Richard STURNEY.

    8    iv.    Robert HASCOLL

4. Thomas HASKELL. Born 1654 in Cann, Dorset. Died 1718.


        i.    John HASKELL; Born 1694.

            Manor of Woodlands: Court Leet and View of Frankpledge with Court 1 October 1734. John Haskell sworn to jury.

        ii.    Rebecca HASKELL; Born 1706.
        iii.    Susanah HASCOLL;

Third Generation

5. Richard HASCOLL. Born 1664 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Christen 27 Dec 1664 in St Wolfrida Horton Dorset. Died 29 Apr 1726 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Occupation Husbandman.


He married Ann Susannah ?, 1693 in Woodlands Dorset. Died 1 Feb 1753 in Woodlands Dorset.
They had the following children:

    9    i.    Richard HASCOLL
        ii.    James HASCOLL; Christen 16 Jul 1694 in Horton Woodlands Dorset.
        iii.    Ann HASCOLL; Christen 16 Nov 1695 in Horton Woodlands Dorset.
    10    iv.    George HASCOLL
    11    v.    John HASCOLL
        vi.    Mary HASCOLL; Christen 30 Mar 1701 in Horton Woodlands Dorset.

            She married Timothy MILLER.

        vii.    Martha HASCOLL; Christen 21 Dec 1702 in Horton Woodlands Dorset.
        viii.    Alice HASCOLL; Christen 20 May 1705 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Died 1706.
    12    ix.    Susannah HASCOLL

6. Matthew HASKELL. Born 1670. Christen 5 Feb 1670 in St Wolfrida Horton Dorset. Died 1730. Buried 11 May 1730 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset. Occupation Groom - Earl of Salisbury.

Haskells of Old England Mattew: Groom to two Earls of Shaftesbury  by Iris Green
When tracing family history, it is always easier to find references to the titled, to large landowners.  To find evidence of the life-style of others requires much searching.  Probate documenetation in the form of wills, letters of administration and inventories is exceedingly valuable but a small percentage of the population left such records, and these have been further reduced by loss.  Wills were nearly always death-bed statements.  Sudden death or an uncomplicated inheritance made a will either unobtainable or unnecessary.
Disputes over land ownership, or merely the need to clarify such ownership after a death, were sometimes the subject of court proceedings at which plaintiff, defendant, witnesses or otyhers concerned, were required to make a deposition of identification.  On 27 April 1704, in the third year of the reign of Queen Anne, the deposition of eighth great-grandfather Richard Haskell was token at Shaston (Shaftesbury) on behalf of his brother Thomas then living in Cann, Dorset.
'Richard Hascoll, of (Horton) Woodlands Dorset husbandman aged 67 The deponent states that he was eldest son of Richard Hascoll and that he had four brothers viz. Thomas, James, Matthew and Robert. Deponent is father of two sons and two daughters all now living.  Richard, the father of deponent, died about 1683 and his will left 100 each to his daughter Susanna and son James, one shilling each to his other children and his son Robert executor.  Robert died about ten years since.'
The discovery of such a document is an event too fortunate to contemplate leave alone experience.  It neatly links the earlier testamentary evidence left by Richard senior, the connection with Cann and the establishment of Richard junior and his family in Horton Woodlands, Dorset.  The parish records of the church of St Wolfrida, Horton record the baptisms of sons Richard and Matthew in 1664 and 1670 respectively, and daughters Susanna and Mary in 1666 and 1677.  Mary their mother was buried at Horton on 22 January 1715 and their father on 19 December 1716.  Furthermore, in a deed of 1665, Stephen Hascoll, yeoman of Cann, granted lands to his nephews Richard and Thomas, sons of Richard Hascoll the elder, yeoman of Muscliffe, Chrustchurch.  A further legal record showed that the latter died at Hargrove Mill, close to Fontmell Magna. Further infromation on a member of the Horton EWoodlands family has been discovered among the papers of the Earl of Shaftesbury deposited at the Public Record Office.  Their mansion was St Giles House, Wimborne St Giles.  A 'Family Book' is to be found at Chancery Lane detailing the household establishment of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 3rd Earl of Shaftesbury, for the year 1707.  Thirty members are listed divided into four groups: head servants of the higher table, head servants of the lower table, inferior servants and maid servants.n  Apart from the latter, all were male and each was named.  Their total annual wage bill was just over 400.  The first group included the court or manor steward,  secretary and library keeper, auditor and head steward, home steward and receiver and housekeeper.  Head woodman and gamekeeper, house clerk, head butler and bailiff were classed as head servants of the lower table.  Among the inferior servants attatched to the estate was Matthew Haskell, groom, earning 10 per annum and provided with a livery.  His wages were higher than those of both couchman and postillion.
The name of Matthew, born 1670, second son of Richard and Mary, first appeared in a communication from the 3rd Earl, dated December 1702-'instructions to my servants at St Giles on the breaking up of my family.'  In this he was granted 10 a year above his wages (which were 5), for distribution in the parish 'during my absence'  He was given orders for the shutting up of both great and little stables.  He was told to collect an allowance of corn (for the horses) from Mr Gibbs, the bailiff, to whom he was strictly to give an account, being instructed to take 'only at such time as will serve for a week' Moreover no horse was to be used by any member of the family apart from Mr Dalicourt, the home steward, and 'much less by strangers.'
A second book of accounts of both the 3rd and 4th Earls, dated 1704-1719, is in this collection.  The 3rd Earl died in Naples on 4 February 1712/3 at the early age of almost 42 and was succeeded by his only son the Rt Hon Anthony Ashley, an infant, born on 9 February 1710/1.  A Bill of Complaint was brought to Chancery in 1714 by the latter's 'next friend' against Mr John Wheelock, auditor and Head Steward of the estate.  A very detailed account book was submitted by Mr Wheelock for scrutiny and upon this he was required to pay a balance of 312. 8s 4 3/4d.
Within this book are many references to Matthew Haskell.  His annual wage, two years in arrears, was then 10, but to this was added an annual board allowance of 10 8s/ also in arrears.  He received many payments for 'things for the horses' and was responsoble for selling, amongst others, 'a blind nagg called Tyger' for 5 10s, 'a small nagg called Meiryman' for 5 and 'a grey shire horse' for 313, a sum well in excess of his own annual wage!  Horses were valuable beasts.  On 9 May 1715 he was paid 2 3s for 'getting the grey mare covered with the King's (George 1) stallion, and his expenses at Hampton Court.'
It is interesting that many of the entries use his Christian name only.  He was a trusted servant, no doubt.  Moreover, together with four or fivr others, he was granted an annuity of 5 in the will of the 3rd Earl, so here we have Metthew Haskell, groom, a beneficiary of the Lord Chancellor of England.  On 23 December 1703 he married Joan Kelly in St Giles Church, Wimbourne St Giles, and in the records of this church are the baptisms of a daughter Joan in 1704 and a son Mattew in 1707.  At a later date, two daughters Mary and Martha were married there.  Strangley enough, neither of their baptisms, nor the baptosms pf any possible further children, have been found either in the records of St Giles or the neighbouring parish of All Hallows to which it was united in 1732, or in adjacent parishes.
Matthew died at the age of 60 and was buried at St Giles church on 11 May 1730.  His wife survived him by nine years.  Although he was own to have been in the service of the St Giles estate on 1719 one wonders whether the changed circumstances of the Shaftesbury family with a minor as the inheritor caused a temporary run-down of the estate.  An inventory of his goods and chattels taken on 14 May 1730 suggests that he turned to farming in the last years of his working life.  He lived in a house with hall, wash-house and drink-house on the ground-floor and two sleeping chambers above.  There was also a valuation for corn, barley, wood, 11 sheep, a heifer and a horse.  Of the total asset value of 131, 105 was money in the house and money due from bonds.  Perhaps money management was another talent of this member of the Haskell family.

He married Joane KELLEY, 23 Dec 1703 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset. Died 1739.
They had the following children:

    13    i.    Joan HASKELL
    14    ii.    Matthew HASKELL
        iii.    Martha HASKELL;
        iv.    Mary HASKELL;

7. Stephen HASKELL. Born 1690 in Muscliffe Dorset. Died 1758.

--Other Fields
Alias: Stephen   HASCOLL

He married Elizabeth ?. Died 1755.
They had the following children:

    15    i.    Thomas HASKELL
        ii.    Edward HASCOLL; Born 1740 in Holdenhurst Hants. Died 1821.
        iii.    Elizabeth HASKELL; Born 1755.
    16    iv.    Stephen HASKELL
    17    v.    Robert HASCOLL

8. Robert HASCOLL. Born 1693. Died 1781 in Lyndhurst.

Possible son of Robert

He married Elizabeth ?. Born About 1720. Died 1795.
They had the following children:

        i.    Ann HASCOLL; Born 1754 in Lyndhurst Hampshire. Died 1754.
        ii.    Ann HASCOLL; Born 1755 in Lyndhurst Hampshire.
    18    iii.    Thomas HASCOLL
        iv.    Henry HASCOLL; Born 1760 in Lyndhurst Hampshire.

Fourth Generation

9. Richard HASCOLL. Born 1692. Christen 24 Jan 1692 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Died 17 Jan 1766.

He married Joan JAMES, 11 Feb 1719 in Ellingham Hants. Died 1751.
They had the following children:

        i.    John HASKELL; Died 1720.
        ii.    Richard HASKELL; Christen 25 Jul 1721.
    19    iii.    John HASKELL
    20    iv.    Ann HASKELL

10. George HASCOLL. Born 1697. Christen 18 Jul 1697 in Horton Dorset. Died 10 Mar 1733 in Cranborne, Dorset.

Haskells of Old England Cranbourne, Dorset by Iris Green
Following the loss of the last English possession in France in 1558, Queen Mary Tudor is said to have declared that, when she died, the word 'Calais' would be found written on her heart.  One is tempted to suspect that, during his life-time, the name 'Cranborne' may be engraved on the heart of our historian/ genealogist, Win Haskell!  From the 17th century onwards there was a movement eastwards of Haskell families, and many settled in and around this Dorset village in the 18th and 19th centuries. Their number increased rapidly and Christian names seemed in short supply, so that there was a proliferation of Josephs, Johns, Jobs, Lucys and James'.   Land and propery tenancies, sufficent to support large families, became difficult to find as large landowners consolidated their estates.  In the first half of the 19th century, two brothers William and George, whose father had been born in Cranborne, were to be found in the 81st Foot regiment and many Haskells took advantage of improved transport tp move away, often overseas.  The present desire of their descendents to find their roots frequently leads them back to Cranborne where the sorting out of the many lines has been frustrating in the extreme.
Seventh great-granfather Richard of Horton Woodlands, Dorset yeoman farmer and elder brother of Matthew, groom to the 3rd and 4th Earls of Shaftesbury, had a family of four sons and five daughters, though one son and one daughter died in infancy.  His tenancy was in Woodlands March, between the villages of Horton and Cranborne, leased from Mr Seymour of Woodlands Manor, a descendant of the uncle and Protector of the young Edward VI.  Formerly this manor was the home of a colourful local gamekeeper, Henry Hastings.  Records show that Richard's third son, John, became the inheritor of the Woodlands tenancy and from his line came the ancestor of Association's Chairman of the Board, Norman Haskell of Natal, South Africa.  Later, in 1775, Sir Harry Munro Bart was landlord but by the late 18th century the property formed part of the estate of the Earl of Shaftesbury.  It is through the generousity of the present Earl in making available the estate archives that much of the early history of the Haskell family has been discovered.
Horton Woodlands, a village 4 miles north of Wimborne Minster earned a place in English history in the 17th century.  During the reign of James II, the Duke of Monmputh, nephew to the king and suppoter of the Protestant cause, landed in Dorset. He persuaded the country people of that county and of Somerset, to join him in large numbers.  He tried a night attack upon king's forces at Sedgemoor, which might have been successful but for the fact that an unsuspected and impassable ditch stopped his advance.  At is was, the attack failed, and Monmouth was subsequently captured in Woodlands.  In 1685 he was executed.  What excitement this must have caused in the lives of young Richard and Matthew.
Richard's eldest son, another Richard and third son George, moved to Cranborne, though estate records show that after 1725 the former was living in London.  Cranborne is a large parish adjoining Woodlands.  The village stands amid the chalk uplands boardering Cranborne Chase, a royal hunting forset from the time of King John to that of JamesI, and an area of country well-known to generations of Haskells.  In the Manor House was held the Chase courts and the Court Roll of 22  April 1606 records the examination of Mark Haskell, uncle of the Haskell emigrants to New England, then living in Matcombe, concerning 'one female third year buck that was slain'.  The lagal records of the Chase contain several references to evidence given by Mark, under-keeper from before 1600.  On 9 January 1611, his brother William Hascoll, a keeper of Rushmoore Walke and father of Roger, William and Mark, later of Massachusetts, told the Court that 'he caught a greyhound attacking a female deer.  Rushmoore Walke was an area of wooded land running through the centre of the Chase.  Many years later, on 24 May 1786, Joseph Haskell of Fontmell Magna appeared in the court roll list of offenders.  The offence committed in West Walk is not stated but most probably was that of deer stealing.
Cranborne was once a place of considerable importance, holding a market every week on Thursday, and two fairs, one on St Barthilomew's day and one on St Nicholas' day;  it also had a Grammer School and a pair of stocks.
'We present to have a new pair of stocks to be put in the tything of Holwell (part of Cranborne) in the place where the old ones formerly was, the Lord of the Manor, the Eal of Salisbury, to set them up'.
There were formerly seven inns but most have disappeared without trace.  One of the survivors is the Fleur de Lys.  It is here that Tess of the d'Urbevilles was supposed to have vested on her journey to Trantridge (Pentridge)  for Cranborne was the Chasebourough of the Hardy novels.  Many members of the real Haskell family must have visited the impressive church dedicated now to St Mary and St Bartholomew.  No part of the original Saxon church remains but there is a norman doorway in the porch dating from 1120 and the whole of the naive is of Early English construction of about 1240.  Mural paintings and the font of Purbeck marble are of the same date.  Parish Registers begin in 1602 but the earliest Haskell reference is not until 1644.  It was from about 1720 the regular Haskell ebtries begin.  Even today, in the churchyard, is a small corner of Haskell graves.
Sixth great-granfather George and his wife Ann had three children, Brigit, George and James baptised in Cranborne church, but when his baby son was only a year old, george senior died in 1733 at the age of 36 years.  In due course, fifth great-grandfather James became a yeoman farmer of Worth in the southeast of the parish.  He first married Elizabeth Hennan on 6 December 1756 and by her had two children Mary and James.  Elizabeth died 10 months after the birth of her son. Just over a year later the widower James married a widow Mary Hayward nee Harris,  former wife of a land-owning farmer, Charles Hayward.
James and Mary lived at Eastworth Farm close to Verwood and there had three sons, William, Joseph and Henry and two daughters Sarah and Elizabeth.  James died in 1813 at the age of 80 and of  his sons, only James of the first mrriage and Joseph, child of James and Mary, were still living.  It is, perhaps, indicative of the source of the Eastworth property that it was Joseph who inherited the leasehold estate after Mary's death at the age of 93.
According to Hutchins in his History of Dorset, Eastworth is probably a mediaeval settlement, part of Horsith mentioned in documents from 1249 onwards.  The present farmhouse has been described in Historical Monuments of the County of Dorset, as haviong 'a late 18th century nucleus of 2 storeys, with brick walls and a tiled roof.  The south front is symmetrical and of three bays'  It still stands, occupied by an elderly lady Miss Sims, a family name appearing in the Haskell lines on several occasions.

He married Ann LAWRENCE, in Gussage St Giles Dorset?. Died 6 Sep 1763 in Cranborne, Dorset.
They had the following children:

        i.    Bridgett HASKELL; Christen 22 Oct 1725 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 19 Jan 1776 in Cranborne, Dorset.
    21    ii.    George HASKELL
    22    iii.    James HASKELL

11. John HASCOLL. Born 5 Mar 1698 in Horton Dorset. Died 8 Dec 1765 in Horton Dorset. Occupation Husbandman.

He married Mary LAWRENCE, 9 Aug 1727 in Ellingham Hants. Died 19 Apr 1774 in Woodlands Dorset.
They had the following children:

        i.    Catherine HASKELL; Born 1734 in Horton Dorset. Died 1755 in Horton Dorset.

            She married Edward BURROUGH, 1755 in Horton Dorset.

    23    ii.    Joseph HASKELL
        iii.    Joanah HASKELL; Died 1739 in Horton Dorset.

            --Other Fields
Alias: Johanah

        iv.    Richard HASKELL; Born 1738 in Horton Dorset. Died 1739 in Horton Dorset.
        v.    Susanna HASKELL; Born 1738 in Horton Dorset. Died 1739 in Horton Dorset.
        vi.    Joanna HASKELL; Died 1743 in Horton Dorset.

12. Susannah HASCOLL. Born 1707. Christen 2 Dec 1707 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 27 Apr 1785.

She married ? EDWARDS.
They had the following children:

    24    i.    Joseph HASKELL

13. Joan HASKELL. Born 6 Feb 1704 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset.

She married John BARFORD.
They had the following children:

        i.    John BARFORD; Born in Wimborne St Giles Dorset.
        ii.    William BARFORD;

14. Matthew HASKELL. Born 1707 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset.

He married Ann ?.
They had the following children:

        i.    Matthew HASKELL; Born 1734 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset.

            Survey Manor of Wimborne St Giles Dorset 1788 . Haskell Family Society Newsletter June 1997.
Copyhold dated 19 October 1741 for the lives of Matthew Haskell, aged 55 years, John Haskell (has not been heard of these 10 years)53 years and a reversionary Copy dated 24 October 1778 granted to Johnathan Saunders, 5 shillings.

            He married Jenny MARK, 21 Jan 1766 in Merecrichel.

        ii.    John HASKELL; Born 1738 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset.

            Survey Manor of Wimborne St Giles Dorset 1788 . Haskell Family Society Newsletter June 1997.
Copyhold dated 19 October 1741 for the lives of Matthew Haskell, aged 55 years, John Haskell (has not been heard of these 10 years)53 years and a reversionary Copy dated 24 October 1778 granted to Johnathan Saunders, 5 shillings.

        iii.    William HASKELL; Born 1739 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset.
        iv.    James HASKELL; Born 1744 in Wimborne St Giles Dorset. Occupation Blacksmith.

            Blacksmith atTallard Royal

        v.    Ann HASKELL;
        vi.    Millicent HASKELL;

15. Thomas HASKELL. Born 1720/1721 in Holdenhurst Hants. Died 30 May 1794 in Christchurch, Dorset.

He married Sarah ???.
They had the following children:

    25    i.    ? HASKELL
    26    ii.    John HASKELL

16. Stephen HASKELL. Died 1758.

He married Deborah ??.
They had the following children:

        i.    Elizabeth HASKELL; Born 1730.

            She married Richard TROKE.

17. Robert HASCOLL.

Possible son of Stephen

--Other Fields
Alias: Haskell

He married Sarah HICKS, 1751. Born SeeNotes.

--Invalid Dates
Birth: C1730

They had the following children:

        i.    Robert HASCOLL;

            He married Charity HYLOUR, 1782.

18. Thomas HASCOLL. Born 1757 in Lyndhurst Hampshire.

He married ? COOPER.
They had the following children:

    27    i.    Phillip Hoyter HASCOLL

Fifth Generation

19. John HASKELL. Christen 11 Sep 1723 in Horton Dorset.

He married Diana ATKINS, 16 Dec 1751 in Horton Dorset.
They had the following children:

        i.    Ann HASKELL; Christen 4 Oct 1762 in Horton Dorset.

            She married John WHITTLE, 3 Dec 1787 in Horton Dorset.

        ii.    Richard HASKELL; Born 1763. Christen 1763 in Horton Dorset.
        iii.    Henrietta HASKELL; Born 1764. Christen 1764 in Horton Dorset.
        iv.    John HASKELL; Born 1765. Christen 2 Mar 1765 in Horton Dorset.
        v.    John HASKELL; Born 3 Jun 1767 in Horton Dorset.


        vi.    Susannah HASKELL; Born 3 Jun 1767 in Horton Dorset.


            She married Noah CHAPPEL, 13 Oct 1791 in Horton Dorset.

20. Ann HASKELL. Christen 23 Feb 1725 in Horton Dorset.

She married Edward SYMS, 21 Dec 1754 in Horton Dorset.
They had the following children:

    28    i.    William SYMS

21. George HASKELL. Christen 31 Mar 1728 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 2 May 1793 in Cranborne, Dorset.

He married Mary BRICKELL, 11 Jun 1748 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 1827.
They had the following children:

    29    i.    George William HASKELL
        ii.    Elizabeth HASKELL; Born 1750 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 1750 in Cranborne, Dorset.

            She married John READ, 1775.

        iii.    James HASKELL; Born 1753 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 1753 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 1754 in Cranborne, Dorset.
        iv.    Diana HASKELL; Born 1755 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 1755 in Cranborne, Dorset.

            She married John THORNE, 1776 in Cranborne, Dorset.

        v.    James HASKELL; Born 1758 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 1758 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 1759 in Cranborne, Dorset.
    30    vi.    Cuzziah Or Kezia HASKELL
        vii.    Flower HASKELL; Christen 1765 in Cranborne, Dorset.
        viii.    Flower HASKELL; Christen 1767 in Cranborne, Dorset.

22. James HASKELL. Born 1732. Christen 14 Nov 1732 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 17 Mar 1813 in Cranborne, Dorset. Occupation Yeoman.

He first married Elizabeth HENNEN, 6 Dec 1756 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 10 Aug 1761 in Cranborne, Dorset.
They had the following children:

    31    i.    Mary HASKELL
    32    ii.    James HASKELL

He second married Mary HARRIS, 4 Oct 1762 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 1733. Died 11 Jan 1827.
They had the following children:

    33    i.    William HASKELL
        ii.    Sarah HASKELL; Born 1766 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 14 Mar 1766 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 1766.
        iii.    Elizabeth HASKELL; Christen 20 May 1767 in Cranborne, Dorset.

            She married David SIMS, 8 Oct 1789.

    34    iv.    Joseph HASKELL
        v.    Henry HASKELL; Christen 2 Sep 1773 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 2 May 1779 in Cranborne, Dorset.

23. Joseph HASKELL. Born in Gillingham. Died 1797 in Horton Woodlands Dorset.

He married Elizabeth AMEY, 14 Feb 1763 in Woodlands Dorset. Died 1801.
They had the following children:

        i.    William HASKELL; Born 15 Mar 1767 in Horton Dorset. Died 1767 in Horton Dorset.
    35    ii.    Joseph HASKELL
        iii.    Ann HASKELL; Born 6 Nov 1771 in Horton Dorset.

            She married William LONG, 3 Feb 1794. Born in Chalbury.

        iv.    Fanny HASKELL; Born 27 Dec 1778 in Horton Dorset.
    36    v.    Elizabeth HASKELL

24. Joseph HASKELL. Born 1731. Died 14 Dec 1802.

--Other Fields
Alias: Joseph   Edwards

He married Margaret BAILEY.
They had the following children:

        i.    John HASKELL;

            --Other Fields
Alias: John   Bailey

25. ? HASKELL. Born SeeNotes.

--Invalid Dates
Birth: C1755


    37    i.    William HASKELL

26. John HASKELL. Born 1766 in Burton, Hampshire.

Possibly more children

He married Lucy ANNE DOWNE, 1792. Born 1768. Died 1834.
They had the following children:

        i.    James HASKELL; Born 1795. Died 1882.
        ii.    George HASKELL; Born 1796. Died 1796.
        iii.    George HASKELL; Born 1801. Died 1833.

27. Phillip Hoyter HASCOLL.


        i.    Caroline HASKELL; Born 1822.

            She married George Burnette HUNTER, 1842.

Sixth Generation

28. William SYMS. Born 22 Jun 1759.

He first married Elizabeth NORTH, 26 Oct 1772. Died 12 Jun 1774.
They had the following children:

        i.    William SYMS

He second married Catherine SHERRING, 4 Apr 1780.

29. George William HASKELL. Born 8 Jan 1749 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 1749 in Cranborne, Dorset.

He first married Mary ?.
They had the following children:

        i.    John HASKELL
        ii.    George HASKELL

He second married Sarah ?. Died 23 May 1775 in Cranborne, Dorset.
They had the following children:

        i.    William HASKELL
        ii.    Rachel HASKELL
        iii.    Henry HASKELL

He third married Sarah PHILLIPS, 27 Nov 1777.

30. Cuzziah Or Kezia HASKELL. Born 1765 in Cranborne, Dorset. Christen 1765 in Cranborne, Dorset.

She married Unknown.
They had the following children:

    38    i.    James HASKELL

31. Mary HASKELL. Born 1758 in Cranborne, Dorset.

She first married William BROWN, ? . Born in Ringwood Hampshire.
They had the following children:

        i.    Elizabeth BROWN

She second married William BUGDEN, 1777. Born in Harbridge.

She third married William BROWN, 1780. Born in Ringwood Hampshire.

32. James HASKELL. Born 1760. Christen 7 Nov 1760 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 1845 in Wimborne Minster Dorset. Buried 19 Mar 1845 in Wimborne Minster Dorset. Occupation Dairyman.

Haskells of Old England Wanderings around Cranborne by Iris M Green BA The life of James, eldest son of James, yeoman farmer of Worth, was not easy to trace.  He was baptised on 7 November 1760, married in the same church to Sarah Budden on 17 November 1783 and had his first child, third great grandmother Elizabeth, baptised there a year later.  The parish registers of Cranborne yeid no further information.  Great good fortune led to the discovery of two further documents preserved in the Dorset Record Office that have filled the detail of some part of James' life in an intriguing manner.
In 1662, in the reign of Charles II a law, known as the Settlement Act, was passed designed to control vagrancy and to check migration to London.  It enabled parish overseers to compel a person not born in their parish and having no land or work to return to his native parish.  Evidence exists that this was strictly enforced within Cranborne.
Where the act was rigidly enforced, the unskilled labourer was practilly restricted to the place of birth.  It made it difficult, if not impossible, any independent effort to improve his position.  In practise it was possible to obtain a settlement in a particular parish by buying a house, paying a rental of 10 a year, by apprentiship or by a year's service, but frequently an employer would dismiss his employee a day before a year's service had benn completed even though pprepared to re-emply a few days later, thus denying a permanent settlement.
In February 1792, before two Justices of the Peace, James Haskell gained legal settlement for himself and his family in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, by virtue of one year's service in charge of a dairy at nearby Bickham Farm.  Before gaining settlement, he was required to detail the events of sixteen years of his personal and working life.  This examination document records that James left home in 1775 at the age of about 15 years and that within the following eight years he had worked for six different employers, as servant, grocer and butcher's assistant and with Yeoman farmers, in surrounding villages and in Salisbury and Ringwood.  A salary increase accompanied each move from 2 12s oer annum to 5 10s.  Between each appointment he returned temporarily to his parents at Cranborne.
Following his marriage in 1783 he continued to be emplyed as a weekly servant in different places for a further eight years.  During this time four more daughters and a son, who died in infancy, had been born to James and Sarah, the youngest Jane being 18 weeks old at the time of the settlement document.  Further study has shown that three children were baptised in Wimborne Minster in 1786, 1789 and 1791 and one in Hinton Martel nearby in 1788.
On 2 February 1791, James had rented a dairy of 9 cows from John Hall of Wimborne Minster at an annual charge of 4 7s 6d a cow.  In his book Rural Life in Wessex 1500-1900, J H Bettey records that during this period it was widespread practice throughout large parts of Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset for farmers to rent out their dairy cows to a dairyman by the year.  Under this system the farmer provided the cows, pasture and winter fodder as well as a dairy and a house for the dairyman to live in, in return for an annual rent per cow.  The dairyman made his profit from the sale of milk, butter and cheese.  No doubt James' wife Sarah worked in the dairy, and as they grew older, daughters Elizabeth, Sarah, Katurah (Kitty), Ann and Jane would have been similarly employed.  For many men who lacked a land tenancy, sufficient capital or the opportunity to start up in farming themselves, but who, with their families, were prepared to work long hours every day demanded by milking cows and dairy work, renting a small herd of cows was an important first step to becoming a farmer.
Bickham Farm was situated about a mile west of Wimborne Minster.  It was described as a house of two storeys with barn and sheds adjacent in the south, with brick walls and thatched roof.  Unfortunately the farmhouse has been pulled down and replaced by another in a sunnier position.  The town of Wimborne Minster is an ancient one with a recorded history going back to the 8th century.  The Minster, the town's greatest architectural feature, stands on a Saxon site and is almost of cathedral-like dimensions.  It has a fine lantern tower, an 800 year old font and a chained library.  The large Friday market has over 200 stalls, including one of the largest antique markets in the south of England.  At nearby Pamphill, close to which Bickham Farm was situated, is St Margaret's Hospital, a group of nine halftimbered almshouses, founded as a leper hospital in 1204.
Whether James' return at the age of 31, after trying a variety of employment, was permanent is not yet known.  Nine years later on 16 Januery 1801 a further settlement for the family from Cranborne to Wimborne Minster was granted, and by this date another son James, and daughters Charlotte and Joane had been born.  After a hard working life and having had but a single inheritance of 20 payable after his stepmother's death, James died at the age of 85 years.  His buriel on 19 March 1845 is recored in the Parish Registers of the Minster.  His widow Sarah was 90 years of age when she died.  She was buried there on 31 August 1847.  Quite naturally their death certificates record cause of death as 'old age'.

He married Sarah BUDDEN, 17 Nov 1783 in Cranborne, Dorset. Born 1757. Christen 1757. Died 1847 in Wimborne Minster Dorset. Buried 31 Aug 1847 in Wimborne Minster Dorset.
They had the following children:

    39    i.    Elizabeth HASKELL
        ii.    Sarah HASKELL
    40    iii.    Catherine HASKELL
    41    iv.    Ann HASKELL
        v.    James HASKELL
        vi.    Jane HASKELL
        vii.    Charlotte HASKELL
        viii.    Joanne HASKELL

33. William HASKELL. Born 1763. Christen 3 Apr 1763 in Cranborne, Dorset. Died 24 Mar 1801 in Cranborne, Dorset.

He first married Mary OATS, 1790. Died 1791.
They had the following children:

        i.    Elizabeth HASKELL

He second married Hannah HARVEY, 1793.
They had the following children:

        i.    Rachell HASKELL
        ii.    William HASKELL

34. Joseph HASKELL. Christen 31 Aug 1770 in Horton Dorset. Occupation Farmer Eastwood Fm Varwoo.

Farmer at Eastwood Farm Varwood

He married Lucy SCOVELL, 20 Feb 1794 in Edmondsham Wiltshire.
They had the following children:

        i.    Mary HASKELL
        ii.    George HASKELL
    42    iii.    James HASKELL
        iv.    Sarah HASKELL
    43    v.    William HASKELL
    44    vi.    Henry HASKELL
        vii.    Joseph HASKELL
        viii.    Charles HASKELL

35. Joseph HASKELL. Born 26 Dec 1768 in Horton Dorset. Died 3 Jun 1837 in Horton Dorset. Occupation Farmer.

He first married Lucy SMART, 3 Feb 1794 in Horton Dorset. Born 1774. Died About 1813.
They had the following children:

        i.    John HASKELL
        ii.    Betty HASKELL
        iii.    John HASKELL
        iv.    Lucy HASKELL
        v.    Rebecca HASKELL
    45    vi.    Joseph HASKELL
    46    vii.    Job HASKELL
    47    viii.    Jesse HASKELL
        ix.    Phoebe HASKELL
        x.    Charles HASKELL

He second married Dorothy WILCOX, 17 Jun 1814 in Horton Woodlands Dorset. Born 1774. Died 23 Jan 1855.

36. Elizabeth HASKELL. Born 1764. Christen 2 Jul 1764 in Horton. Died 23 Jan 1815 in Horton. Buried 23 Jan 1815 in Horton.

She married Thomas ANDREWS, 18 Dec 1788 in Horton, Dorset. Born About 1757 in Woodlands, Dorset, England. Died 1830 in Verwood, Dorset, England. Occupation Farm Labourer.

Subject:          Thomas Andrews
Date:          Tue, 4 Apr 2000 21:40:49 +0100
From:          "hkmbcon33" <email deleted>
To:          "Peter Andrews" <email deleted>

Janet Penn has checked with Wyn Haskell, for me, where the info on Thomas Andrews originated, and he says from you.
I have had trouble finding the birth of Thomas at Horton or anywhere else.
Back in November I was looking at the transcripts of PR's at
Dorchester and found the following:-
1) Horton, burial 23 Jan 1815 Elizabeth Andrews aged 50 (this looks OK)
2) Cranborne burial 22 Feb 1829 Thomas Andrews at Fairwood aged
73yrs. I think that this may well be our Thomas. Fairwood would become
Firwood and then Verwood. His daughter Elizabeth was with her husband
Jonathan Bennett in Firwood/Verwood at that time. Perhaps her father lived
with them after his wife's death.
The only problem is still, where was he born? His birth date becomes
1756, but I still can't find him in the PR or Bishops Transcripts for Horton
or Cranborne.
Any Ideas?
Regards Keith Bennett

They had the following children:

        i.    William ANDREWS
    48    ii.    Joseph ANDREWS
    49    iii.    John ANDREWS
    50    iv.    James ANDREWS
    51    v.    Elizabeth ANDREWS

37. William HASKELL. Born 1793 in Christchurch, Hampshire. Christen 9 Oct 1793. Died SeeNotes. Occupation LABOURER (GARDENER).


--Invalid Dates
Death: C1891

--Other Fields
Alias: William   Haskel

He married Mary A SCOTT, 1819 in Christchurch, Hampshire. Born 1796 in Purewell Christchurch Hants.
They had the following children:

    52    i.    James HASKELL
        ii.    Charles HASKELL
    53    iii.    Charles HASKELL
    54    iv.    William HASKELL
    55    v.    Maria HASKELL
        vi.    George HASKEL
        vii.    Henry HASKELL
        viii.    Mary A. HASKELL

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