Brown & Kirby Family

modified 28 Jan 2021
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Brown Family

Charles and Emily?

The Brown family story start with the christening of Matthew Hill Brown in the church of St Mary the Virgin on Dover Kent in 1819. The parents were Matthew and Amelia. Matthew Hill Brown married a Rebecca Tottman in 1840. The children were , Henry, Alice, John and Charles Alfred, William and Matthew were christened in Colchester, Essex in the following years. There may have been others.

Looking at Charles Alfred’s birth certificate shows Matthew Hill Brown’s occupation as a Cabinet maker (journeyman) and the address was North Street, St Peters, Colchester. Charles Alfred Brown was born 6 August1857. His occupation was recorded as a cabinet maker and later as a tally clerk (wharf). In about 1885 he married Emily Kirby. He died in 1941 aged 83 years in Devizes, Wiltshire Emily (Kirby) Brown died in 1935. Her death certificate gives an address of 21 Chalk Road in, I believe, Plaistow, West Ham. It names as informant A.E. Greenshields, daughter.

Frank and John Henry "Harry" Brown perished in World War 1

Florence (Auntie Florie), and brothers Fred and Horace emigrated to Australia. It is said "If ever there was a black sheep of the family it was Fred but a great guy…they tell stories lovingly"

Brown Family circa 1905

Back row: Florie, Charlie, George, Fred, Bill, Frank
2nd Row : Alice, Charles Alfred Brown, Emily (Kirby) Brown , Annie
Front Row: Horace, Emily, Harry

Kirby Family

Emily Kirby, was born in Blaston, Leicestershire to Joseph Kirby and Susanna Neale. We believe Emily had a sister, Annie and a brother George. There many have been others. George Kirby may have been a church warden at Blaston. Annie Kirby married a Robert Goldspink. Robert operated a small fishing fleet in Lowestoft, Suffock . Their daughter , Doris, married a John Clark and had a son, Jack. Doris divorced and married a Len Tubby who was later killed in an air-raid in WW2. Doris died an old lady.

an email
Hi guys.
I saw your entry on the web which mentioned that Emily Kirby married Robert Goldspink.
I am Robert Goldspink, I was born in Lowestoft Suffolk, and most of my forebears were fishermen in Lowestoft. My grandfather owned a small fleet there. My uncle has a Goldspink family history which takes us back to the 15th century. Just thought you would be interested!
I am now a lawyer in London.
All the best
Robert Goldspink

Baptism Extract

Hi hope you all well.
I came across this baptism record the other day for the Stockwell Church in Colchester.It shows your GGrandfather and mine and also Emily Elizabeth who I didn't know about. She was born and died between the 1861 & 1871 census's so was not recorded.
                                     Malcolm in Colchester England.

Brown Records

Census Records

Browns 1891
Browns 1911